Monday, July 24, 2006

In Memoriam

The little girl is my grand mother Katina, pictured with her father. She must be less than two years old, which means that the picture was taken either in 1912 or in 1916(*). At the bottom left there is the name of the photographer and at the right it says Trebizon.
This is the only picture of her as a child and of a member of her family.
I am wondering whether the photographer went to Pafra or Sampsous or whether my grandmother with her family went to Trapezous, maybe to visit Panagia Soumela.
These days mark the 25th anniversary of her death.
(*) My grand mother's identity card was stating 1911 as her birth year. However, she was always insisting that she was born in 1915 but her relatives said 1911 so that she could be considered old enough to be hired at the tobacco factories of Kavala.