Monday, September 25, 2006

Notes from a Moscow resident

It's been only about 20 days since I last posted, but there have been so many changes since then! Moving to Moscow, changing a job that I had for the last 8 years, getting into a totally different environment... Thankfully, I had a long and good vacation during the summer, so I was able to deal with the stress and rush of the last few days. And I was fortunate that my sister was able to come to Cyprus to take over everything that had to do with the movers and putting the house in order after they emptied it.

The weather in Moscow is unusually warm - it was 29 degrees Celsius. So, I get to enjoy the outdoors during the weekends. Yesterday we went to a huge park, with many impressive soviet buildings, two huge and beautiful fountains, markets that sold plants and flowers, a botanic garden and a forest with many lakes in it! We crossed only a small part of it, but we were walking for 5 hours! I had to struggle not to buy flowers yet, but I made a list of all the plants I want to buy.

Next week I'll start looking for an apartment and hope to be settled before the winter comes!

Closing, I would like to add few comments:
  • the lemonade recipe is given to me by Mrs. Loula, my "mother" in Nicosia; she is a great person, full of life and always giving to others; I always admire her ecxcellent relationship with her close but also distant relatives, from her side and her husband's side; she is also an excellent cook! I was always planning to help her pick olives from the many olive trees she has, but was always at a trip when it was time to pick the olives
  • you and the other lemonade-preparation group added pizzaz to the lemonade recipe, with the special ice cubes, the presentation and the beautiful photo!
  • I want to greet my father through our Arakhne; he has recently started to read our blog - and I am told he likes it!
No photos for this posting, but I promise that as soon as I get a computer I'll be posting many many pictures... and I still need to find a way to send you the pictures from our vacation...

Da svidanya! (see you again! - I'll be able to write in Russian soon, as I am starting lessons)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Limonata or Lemonada...~Ç

As a result of great teamwork, this holy lemonade is ready to drink...

Mum and me: squeezing the lemons, peeling, and making the mint-ice cubes
Şerife:adjusting the sugar
Tijen: taking the pictures
Ayser Hn: sponsoring with the garden...
And the oscar goes to you: for the recipe!

Whole-summer lemonade:

Ingredients: 2.5 kilos of lemon + 1/2 kg sugar ( for the ones who liked more sugarful may add more)+ 2-3 small mint bunches...

  • Wash and squeeze the lemons and grate 2-3 lemons to add lemon zest.
  • Add the juice (and any pulp that goes through stainer) into a pan and the lemon zest.
  • Add the sugar in the pan and heat the lemonade in low to medium fire. Stir continuosly, till the sugar dissolves.
  • The lemonade should not come to the boiling point. Turn it off when all sugar is dissolved and it startes to steam.
  • Leave it to cool completely. Put in a jar with 2-3 mint bunches and keep in refrigerator.
  • Use it diluted with water upon your taste.
  • Make ice cubes with mint leaves, serve and drink :) Afiyet olsun...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Photo Memories from a Lovely Vacation

It was a great trip! I travelled overnight from Kavala

to Mitillini

The boat trip was very exciting! Seagulls following the boat, the sunset, the fishing boats each having marked its fishing territory with the fishing lanterns and the nets.

From Mitillini, I crossed over to Aivali, a little town on the sea front with a majestic charactrer.

Memories of the past everywhere, in Aivali and Mosxonissi...

Lively colours of the present in Havran, Burhaniye and Cunda ...

I fully share all your highlights and would add the following:

  • food with intervals of food

  • the green waters and the majestic doric columns of Asso

  • my claim to fame - being interviewed by a food writer for a food magazine....
  • having a story for everything
  • the sunset seen from Seitan sofrasi, from Aivali and from Denetko
  • listening to the music in the car
  • the bibila lessons, the scores of antique mantilas with the interesting oya, the "treasures" I bought at the Burhaniye bazar, the wooden knitting needles, the endless reviewing of the pattern magazines, the plans for future vacations......
  • the hospitality of you and your mother, the warm company of Sherife, finding a new friend in Tijen

I think that, among the many passengers and their relatives and friends, we were the last ones to stop waving to each other, as the boat was departing from the port of Aivali.

με υγεία και του χρόνου!

(in health, next year also)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Güle Güle -"Adio" ~Ç

Unfortunately I couldn't paste Greek alphabets... But last night, after your "farewell" i studied alphabets and basic words... kalimera, kalinihta... And i find a gem!: Food and restaurants section for 3-4 pages.. So next time at least i will be able to communicate with your mum in our language :)

Thank you very much for your visit, for "Being just our reason"... I feel that i nurtered last week in many aspects... The highlights of a fish-memoried fish:

  • Our fish-theme dinner w Tijen
  • Your first manicure
  • Solution creation and conferences in your shop
  • Zeytinbağı-Zeytinbağı-Zeytinbağı
  • Future destinations: Crete, Moscow, Kavala, Athens ( previous Portugal remained)
  • 35 + 19 = 43 :p
  • Each will choose her own subject!
  • Never-fitting dresses in Ayvalık pazarı
  • A touch of spice ...

I know there are many, many more... But i want to keep all from "nazar"! As we and you say "Health to your hands and mouth"